Accounting and tax consultations services
Tax consultation services:
  • consultations to clients in legal tax optimization issues;
  • selection of tax paying program;
  • selection of payment system (also cash-registers);
  • representation of clients in disputes with tax administration, including at courts;
Tax declarations and reports:
  • examination, preparation and submission of income declarations;
  • preparation and submission of other tax declarations;
  • preparation and submission of reports.
  • stock-taking of goods, material values and financial resources;
  • assessment of accounting system of goods, material values and financial resources and development of loss elimination system.
Services of salary issues:
  • calculation of salaries;
  • calculation of other reimbursements – compensations of employees, remunerations of annual leaves, payments calculated in case of illness, costs related with business trips, benefits, bonuses, sustenance, indemnities.
Returning of repayable taxes:
  • analysis of documents;
  • preparation and submission of documents (tax returns) to receive repayment of taxes;
Other accounting services:
  • assessment of existing accounting quality;
  • selection of accounting data processing software;
  • preparation and submission of documentation to register cash-registers and other payment systems;
  • calculation of taxes to be paid;
  • processing of client’s payments (cash transfers);
  • accounting of debtors’ and creditors’ financial information;
  • preparation of other documents related with accounting and taxes;
  • representation of clients in tax disputes in tax administration, at court and other organizations;
  • submission of qualified communication and documents in tax administration, banks and other institutions or organizations on behalf of the client;