About Us

Sieggel Regnskap og Revisjon AS is an international company providing accounting services and tax consultations. The aim of the company is to become an internationally recognized company with high quality services in its field which is chosen by the clients as a reliable and safe partner. The latest internet and software technologies are used to provide the services which allows working fully and qualitatively also distantly with the client at any place in Norway - in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim and elsewhere.

The development strategy “SIEGGEL” brand plans developing the representations network of the company abroad for the purpose of mutual cooperation and ensure maximally efficient provision of services for our clients at international level.

Mission of “SIEGGEL” is to help clients to reveal our company for them as an unlimited resource that provides such options by means of which it is possible to reach the set targets. We shall share our knowledge and skills and show you the way to success, by demonstrating the professionality of our company. We do and shall do our work so as it is recognized efficient today and also in future – when the next generation shall replace us.